ALERT2 Source Address Management System (SAMS) - ALERT2 This web application tracks the agencies their identifiers and assignments of Source Addresses to those agencies.

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How to Use

Anyone can use this public access interface to see which agencies and which source addresses have been assigned. Login accounts are only required to obtain new source addresses or to edit existing source addresses.

Addresses - Choosing this option displays all Source Addresses (SA) registered in the SAMS.

Agencies - Lists the registered Agencies

About - Brings up this display

Search - Search is context sensitive. for example, if Addresses is selected, search finds matching addresses. If Agencies are selected, search looks for matching agencies.

Workflow for an agency that would like to request source addresses.
  1. A new Agency should request an account, by choosing the link Register your agency available in the home screen and in the Agency screen. Fill out the Agency screen with the appropriate information. Name Email - This must be unique across all existing emails in the system Phone Number, Agency Name, Agency ID - This must be unique This will send a new agency request to the SAMS administrator
  2. The SAMS administrator will approve the Agency and create it in the system. They will also create a user account with the input name and email. The new account will create a password reset email that will be sent to the new user account.
  3. The user resets their password, and they now have an account that they can use to request and assign source addresses, and they also have the ability to create new user accounts for colleagues within their organization. Each agency can have multiple user accounts for managing their source addresses.
  4. When a user goes to the SAMS system, a Login option is in the upper right corner of the screen. Choosing that option, and inputing a valid user and password gives them access to administer the source addresses for their agency.
  5. Add a new Source Address - Select Agencies, then Choose their agency from the list. They will get a screen for their agency that allows them to [Add] Source Addresses,
  6. Choose [Add] and they will be presented with the new Address screen. Input: Name Description Source Address Type (one of Site, Repeater, Decoder, Other) Latitude Longitude Enter inform

ALERT2 is a registered trademark of the National Hydrologic Warning Council